Introducing Different Spokes

Cycling is a much under appreciated form of transport in the UK.

There is a reason why the Dutch are one of the most active nations in Europe despite not having the healthiest diet. It has a lot to do with how they transport themselves around. Most Dutch school children cycle to school, developing such a habit when they are young means it is likely to stay with them for life.

Programming a healthy activity into their daily routine helps to keep millions of people fit and healthy, reducing their burden on our incredible National Health Service.

Different Spokes has arrived to promote cycling as a means of transport, healthy activity and sport. Preparing the British people for when we have a safe network of protected cycling infrastructure to use for all our local journeys.

Caspar Hughes

Founder of the worlds most famous Roller Racing company Rollapaluza, who have brought static cycling to tens of thousands of people in the last decade. One of the most active campaigners on the organising group of Stop Killing Cyclists, who ‘lit a fire under’ Boris Johnson’s mayoral team to enable the protected network of cycle lanes in London. Caspar has also worked closely with the the City of London to change they way they interact with the public when designing changes to their built environment.

Clive O'Connell

Clive O’Connell

Clive is a solicitor and company director as well a keen although uncompetitive cyclist who has covered many thousands of miles on his bike and raised many thousands of pounds for charities though his cycling proving that age and weight are not barriers to riding a bike.

Christoper Mann